Can You Be the Voice for a Child?

Stand up today and declare, "I am for the child."

Over 500 children in New Hanover and Pender Counties entered the court system as victims of abuse and neglect – enough children to fill a typical elementary school twice. They are confused and sad and frightened. They need an advocate. Too often there are not enough volunteers to represent them all.

• Could you speak up for their best interests?
• Could you join 4,800 other volunteers in the state to say "I am for this child."

Volunteer Spotlight

Tonya Barber became a Guardian ad Litem in 2013. As a single, working mother, she has still found time to be a voice for children who need one when abuse and neglect happen in their lives. Tonya learned that from seeing those children in her own non-profit work.

Success Story

Blake and his younger siblings were removed from their home because of their father’s severe abuse. Blake went to live with a cousin who was a school teacher. He thrived there. His mother did begin making progress on her commitments.